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possibly the best review EVER for Attika 7…. its nice when people “get” you


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Get a FREE bottle Molten Metal Hot Sauce when you buy Blood Of My Enemies at participating “Here’s The Metal” locations! Click here for details and participating stores near you:

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Attika 7 in Kerrang!

Attika 7 in Kerrang!

Attika 7’s “Blood of My Enemies” Made my Ears Climax – Album Review

I was never a big Biohazard guy. I didn’t dislike them; I just never listened to them. Evan Seinfeld to me was the porn rock star who was married to a porn star, with a band on the side…at least in my little bubble (which was obviously not an accurate description of Seinfeld, but whatever). It really wasn’t until he did that “Super Group” show on VH1 with Sebastian Bach, Ted Nugent, Scott Ian and Jason Bonham that I was really exposed to him. The show basically showed Ted Nugent dismissing Biohazard’s material and what Uncle Ted says goes right?

Recently Evan Seinfeld left Biohazard and hooked up with Rusty Coones, famed motorcycle builder with links to the show “Sons of Anarchy” and Hells Angels. Rusty had been in prison, which is where he started to develop his guitar style. Much of “Blood of My Enemies” seems to deal with Coones’ prison stay. Tony Campos (Ministry, Soulfly and Static X) also joined on as the bass player. They hooked up with the producer Mudrock and came out with one of the best rock albums of 2012.

I really wasn’t expecting much. In fact I wasn’t even sure I was going to listen to the album. There are so many metal/hard rock bands out there and they get really repetitive after a while. Mix that with my inaccurate assumptions about Evan Seinfeld and I’m looking at an album review that is going to be boring for me to write. I don’t know if I accidentally hit play on track 1 “Crackerman” or how I managed to play it, but it grabbed my attention immediately. I’m not calling Attika 7 the best band of all time or even “Blood of My Enemies” the best album of 2012, but it’s pretty fucking bad ass.

The album is dark, gritty, heavy everything you’d want in a hard rock album mixed with some memorable Sabbath like riffs. Seinfeld’s vocals really sealed the deal for me. He doesn’t have the range of some of the best metal singers, but he has a thick unique tone that makes him stand on his own vs all those dime a dozen screaming guys. I was really expecting something that was so metal it wouldn’t be accessible to your everyday music fan. That wasn’t the case at all. Attika 7 is more of a hard rock band. I could see fans of bands like Godsmack and Disturbed getting into Attika 7 if they gave the album a listen.

Don’t be like me, so many of us get caught up in our music snobbery that we miss out on some great music. I was lucky that I had a PR guy that wouldn’t let up on Attika 7, so I finally gave in and listened and it made my ears climax. The stand out tracks are “Crackerman,” “Serial Killer” and “Devil’s Daughter,” but really there isn’t a bad song on the album those are just the songs I listen to three or for times before moving on to the next song.

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